The Pros and Cons of Sash Windows

sash bay window

Sash windows are the second most popular variety of window in modern Britain, being beaten only by outward-opening casement windows. They enjoyed massive popularity in Victorian England, which means they’re a natural match for period properties.

But are sash windows any good today?

The answer is a qualified yes, but there are some pros and cons to consider.

Benefit of Sash Windows: They Look Good

There’s nothing quite like a sash window when it comes to appearances. They can add a traditional touch that’ll elevate certain properties, and pay for themselves by adding value to the building.

At the same time, the sash window is relatively versatile, considering its traditional style. Whether it’s a traditional country home or a contemporary apartment, a sash window is almost-guaranteed to please.

Benefit of Sash Windows: They’re Safe & Secure

Sash window security is another reason to prefer them. Given that just one panel can be opened at a time, they’re a lot more difficult to clamber through than casement windows. It’s also easy to incorporate extra safety features like locks and child safety devices.

Benefit of Sash Windows: They’re Low-Maintenance

Like their casement equivalents, aluminium and uPVC sash windows require barely any maintenance. The former are powder-coated at factory level, while the latter are naturally white and not designed to be interfered with at all. You won’t need to sand them, nor apply any coats of varnish (though you might need to occasionally replace the internal cord). There’s also no risk of warping or rot, making a metal or plastic sash window a great choice for windows in hard-to-reach locations.

Sash Window Cons: Poor Ventilation

Saying all this, there are still a few problems with sash windows worth bearing in mind. One of them is ventilation. Given that sash window panels are built to slide behind one another, like sliding doors, you’ll only be able to collapse the glass to the size of a single given panel. This can increase the chance of condensation building up on the inside of the windows.

How much the different benefits and drawbacks of sash windows will matter to you will depend on your priorities and tastes. Most of us will need to decide between casement and sash windows, and if the advantages we’ve listed here appeal to you, you might well choose the latter.