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Our range of high-quality aluminium windows comes in an assortment of colours, ready to add a modern touch to your home. There’s no trade-off in performance and thermal efficiency with our quality windows; our U-values remaining really low, especially if you opt for triple glazing. Perfect for new builds, high-rises, or modern renovations, shop the range and invest in style for your home.

High-Performance Aluminium Windows at Trade Prices

For a sleek and stylish design option in your home, our aluminium windows create a modern feel without compromising on quality and performance. Our flush fitting aluminium casement windows come in a range of different colours, they’re powder coated for a longer lifespan and are super low maintenance. Easy to clean and easy to look after, they’re a fantastic option in the home.

Buying aluminium windows online is becoming increasingly popular as they match a modern aesthetic and are being employed in everything from modern high-rises to social housing. Traditionally, aluminium windows have been second fiddle to wood because of the reduction in thermal performance. However, the thermal efficiency of these windows is improving. Specially engineered thermal breaks help to insulate your home and if you get the triple glazing, our aluminium offering can actually offer some of the lowest U-values across our whole range.

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70mm Thermally Broken Door/Window and Frame section – available in flush casement style only.

  • Cill Options : 100 / 150 / 225mm
  • Colours : Standard colours are White / Black / Anthracite Grey ( Other RAL colours available on request )
  • Visible Viewing : 133mm across door meeting stiles.
  • Frame / Door Viewing : 105mm across.
  • U Value : 1.6w/m2K
  • Ironmongery Colours – Various colour options available.

Available as standard, Part Q or Part F Compliant.

Bifold and French Door systems available as Part M Compliant

Alternative U values are available on request. Please speak to your architect when determining the U value you need to achieve for your building envelope.

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Why Choose Aluminium Windows?

Modern Look & Style

Aluminium windows look fantastic in modern new builds, a sleek and modern detail that’s increasingly popular with contemporary architects.

Thermal Performance

Our aluminium offerings have thermal breaks and glazing options. Triple glazed windows offer some of the lowest U-values across our entire inventory.

  Long-lasting & Low Maintenance

Easy to look after and powder coated for a long lifespan. You can expect to enjoy your aluminium windows for many decades, especially when you buy from us.

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If you’d like to know more about our modern aluminium windows range, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to impart some of our expert knowledge and advice to answer any query you may have.


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