Fully Reversible Windows

Reversible windows are the most diverse window option available. Opening both ways, they provide easy access to the inside and outside of the windows. This is hugely beneficial for cleaning the windows whilst also acting as a useful fire escape and allowing great air ventilation on warm summer days. Designed for use on casement windows, tilt and turns, and sidelights, reversible windows are a modern must have.

High Quality Reversible Timber Windows For Your Home

If you’re looking for reversible windows, our timber windows are not to be missed. Our fully reversible windows offer great insulation and thermal efficiency, stunning aesthetics and a durable and hard-wearing frame designed to last. These windows really are a contender that you should consider if you’re looking for new windows. Designed around really popular European window styles with high grade hardware, this style in our timber window range also has aluminium clad options. This gives you long-term durability in those more testing climates, whilst retaining the warmth of timber internally.

Reversible windows are windows that open 180 degrees. Whether you have a tilt and turn design or a casement window, glass panes can be pushed all the way around so you can have full easy access to both sides of the window. One of the biggest reasons people opt for reversible windows is the cleaning aspect. On high-rise buildings, traditional ladder window cleaning isn’t an option, but our flexible windows will move to suit your cleaning needs.

Whether top hung, or side hung, our reversible window range has become increasingly popular in the last 2-3 years where customers want bigger opening glass panes. Where higher grade, robust hardware and durability is a must, our aluminium clad ranges – available in anthracite grey – you gain the benefit of very low maintenance, simple operation, and with much bigger glass panes than standard traditional UK manufactured windows.

How Do Reversible Windows Work?

Reversible windows operate in the same way as normal windows when it comes to opening. For casement windows, push the button and turn the handle as you would normally to open the window. Then push the window to the angle you want. It really is that simple. To lock the window, you need to make sure the handle is back on the inside however. Top hung windows operate in the same manner, just push the panel after opening the window to the angle required. If you’d like further information on our products get in touch.

Custom Reversible Windows with Free Delivery!

Multiple glazing options, types of wood, finishes and colour options are just some features that we can offer to help you achieve your dream home. Along with standard opening sizes, we also offer a custom fit to suit you. Get in touch for more information.

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Why Choose Reversible Windows?

Easy to Clean

If you live in a high rise, or the window is hard to reach from the exterior, you need a reversible window.

Safe to Operate

A good option for homes with elderly people or children. Their safe operation make them a savvy choice in these homes.


Guaranteed to last for many decades, these are a great investment.

Premium timber and exuberant materials used throughout the range. Our reversible windows can be custom made for your property and with extensive guarantees, are sure to be a worthy and long return on your investment.

We also offer free delivery with one of the fastest lead times in the UK.

Any Questions?

If you would like to know any more about our extensive ranges of windows, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to help you with any issues you may be having and help you find an answer!


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