Frequently Asked Questions About JELD-WEN Windows and Doors

We’re proud to be the main online supplier for JELD-WEN and offer a wide range of timber windows and patio doors for every type of home.

JELD-WEN was originally founded in Klamath Falls, Oregon in the 1960s and expanded into Europe in the 1990s. They aim to serve as global leaders in sustainable business practice and environmental stewardship. FSC® and PEFC™ certified and EU Timber Regulations satisfied. You can be sure JELD-WEN windows are a responsible choice for your home.

What Are JELD-WEN Windows And Doors?

While JELD-WEN was born in Oregon in the 1960s, they are now a worldwide business with over 21,000 team members and manufacturing locations across North America, Europe, and Australia. 

Jeld-Wen expanded into Europe in the 1960s. They began operating in the UK in the early 1990s, replacing Rugby Joinery, formerly the John Carr and Boulton and Paul businesses. They now have five UK factories with decades of experience delivering quality windows and doors.

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, JELD-WEN manufactures as close to the markets they sell in as possible to avoid long delivery routes. Their UK factories are currently in Sheffield, Melton Mowbray, and Penrith giving them easy access to most places in the UK. 

JELD-WEN has been known for quality since its founding. Because of the confidence they, and we, have in their products, we offer extremely long guarantees on all JELD-WEN windows in the UK. 

The majority of our windows and doors come in double-glazing as standard, with triple-glazing options. Our Box Sash Regal Windows can be offered in single-glazing, but still offer low U-Values so you don’t have to compromise between aesthetic and efficiency.

What Types Of Windows And Doors Do JELD-WEN Make?

JELD-WEN has created a wide variety of windows and doors. We offer customisable sizing and finishing on most options so you can create a look that compliments the look of your home whilst keeping it warm and making the most of your natural light.

Our Jeld-Wen Windows range:

Sliding Sash windows

Sliding Sash windows offer a timeless look that adds a traditional touch to modern homes and maintains a classical visage on older ones. These premium timber sash windows are crafted with a mix of traditional methods and modern technology for a high-quality finish. 

Stormsure Casement

These Stormsure Casement Windows aren’t just sturdy enough to provide protection against the elements, they also offer a sleek design. If you’re in a more remote location that’s likely to be hit by a storm or just value the cost-saving of lower u-values, these are great investments. 

Conservation Casement Elegance

Whether you live in a conservation area or want to preserve the aesthetics of your period property, the Conservation Casement Elegance range is perfect for you. You can keep a classic design that honours the history of your home without sacrificing on modern efficiency standards. 

High-Performance Casement Stormsure Energy+

The Stormsure Energy+ range offers luxury appeal and classic design with massive thermal efficiency performance. This range is triple-glazed and uses pinless timber composite beading to deliver a high-quality finish. 

These casement windows offer robust protection from the elements – for those who live in areas prone to a storm or two, you’ll know that windows can take a battering. This range offers all the protection you need.

Box Sash Regal Windows

Like our Conservation Casement range, our Box Sash Regal Windows keep all of the traditional charms of period windows whilst improving their performance. 

It’s made to measure with premium timber and can be up to 2400mm wide and 2600 mm high, which isn’t out of place in many areas of London. Available in single-glazing for a more accurate period look, this range still has low u-values that will keep your home insulated. 

JELD-WEN Patio Doors

JELD-WEN Sliding Doors

Sliding doors offer ease-of-use and a chic style. All of our sliding doors are completely made-to-measure so your doors will be perfectly made for your home alone.

Sliding doors have had a renaissance over the last few years due to their simple operation, affordable pricing, and large glass panes that allow you to get plenty of natural light in the warmer months. 

Our sliding doors run on a tracking system so we can guarantee smooth running for years to come.

JELD-WEN French Doors 

Is there anything as classic as french doors? These elegant doors add a touch of country-chic to every exterior and look especially pleasing against any brickwork. They can also be used as internal doors to give a more open feel to your home.

All of our French-doors can be made-to-measure to give you complete control, but we also offer standard sizing and specification options for those working to a budget. 

This range comes with double-glazing as standard, but we do have a number of triple-glazed options available. With amazing U-values, you’ll see a massive reduction in energy costs using triple-glazing. 

JELD-WEN Bifold Doors 

Bi-fold doors are especially popular in modern homes. They let in an abundance of natural light in the summer but their insulation retains heat in the winter. 

All of the doors in this range are completely bespoke, from sizing to finish so you can create exactly the look you want. Whether you want a floor-to-ceiling door or more classic two-pane bifold doors, JELD-WEN is able to accommodate. 

Our bifold doors range offers many of the same designs available in the french door range that can give you matching profiles. 

Available in either double or triple-glazing to ensure thermal-efficiency and lower your energy bills. For extra peace of mind, all of our JELD-WEN bifold doors come with security-grade locking systems for complete protection.

What Is The Warranty On Jeld-Wen Windows And Doors?

We know replacing doors and windows is a big investment and we want to make sure all of our customers feel confident. 

Our range of JELD-WEN UK windows products come with comprehensive guarantees. The JELD-WEN range offers from 6 years through all the way to 40-year rot and fungal guarantee and a 10-year guarantee on manufacturing and hi-build paint. 

We also offer the UK’s longest 60-years guarantee on certain JEN-WELD products. Made with only the highest standards of craftsmanship and joinery, we don’t think you’ll need to use these guarantees but they’re there if you need them. 
Find out more about the guarantees we offer.

How Energy Efficient Are JELD-WEN Doors and Windows?

We’re often asked what kind of windows are the most energy-efficient.

Double-glazed windows are often cited as the minimum to create truly energy-efficient windows. This means they have two-sheets of glass with a gap between them that is often filled with air or inert gas. 

Triple glazed windows have three sheets of glass, which has two gaps filled with air or inert gas. This extra layer generally makes them better insulators than double-glazed windows. 

This doesn’t mean JELD-WEN’s single-glazed Box Sash Regal Windows won’t keep you insulated though. By using low-e glass they can still offer great insulation.

But what is low-e glass? 

Low-e stands for ‘low emissivity glass’ and it is designed to prevent heat from escaping your windows. It helps to keep the heat trapped inside your home which will keep your heating bill low.

JELD-WEN’s range of timber windows are factory fitted with market-leading Pilkington EnergiKare™ gas filled units. The Pilkington energiKare™ range utilises ‘low-e’ coated glass to reflect heat back into a building, greatly improving its thermal efficiency and also maximising the use of freely available heat from the sun. 

Energy efficiency is slightly different when looking at doors, but even glass doors like sliding patio doors generally have a lower glass-to-ratio frame than windows. This means they will provide more insulation, in general, than a window. 

When looking at the most energy-efficient patio door, you can be assured all JELD-WEN doors are made with energy-efficient glazing. 
You can find out more about window energy efficiency certification here.

What Are JELD-WEN Windows Made Of?

JELD-WEN has a sustainable timber sourcing policy and all JELD-WEN doors meet the EU Timber Regulations. These regulations aim to prevent illegal harvesting of timber from being traded into Europe. 

They are also FSC® and PEFC™ multi-site chain of custody certified. Both of these certifications show a dedication to responsible forest management. JELD-WEN also uses recycled waste materials where possible to minimise their carbon footprint. 

Using primarily engineered softwood, JELD-WEN windows can maintain a traditional aesthetic whilst offering modern protection and insulation. The natural insulation of wood and low-e glass means they are more environmentally friendly and lessen your energy bills over the winter months.

Are Timber Windows Better Than UPVC?

Because UPVC is seen as a more modern choice, it’s often assumed they’re the more energy-efficient choice. You might be surprised to know that when it comes to uPVC vs wooden windows, wood is actually the more efficient choice. Timber is a naturally insulating material, which keeps the cold out very well even during the winter months.

One benefit people often don’t realise is that timber windows can last almost twice as long as less-expensive uPVC windows. This is because timber is already a naturally weather-resistant material and the engineering process only aids that. Wooden windows can last up to 60 years and are relatively easy to repair, whereas UPVC lasts just 35 years in comparison.

If you are trying to make a more environmentally friendly choice when replacing your windows, timber is the best choice again. With wood being a renewable material compared to uPVC which is non-renewable and has a very labor-intensive process, timber windows have a smaller carbon footprint.

What are the benefits of timber windows?

One of the main benefits when choosing between uPVC and timber windows is the more traditional aesthetic that timber windows allow. Whether you’re looking for something suitable for a conservation project or a picturesque London townhouse timber windows only compliment whilst the contrast of uPVC is often distracting. 

Although uPVC windows may be cheaper upon initial purchase, wooden windows tend to provide better value long-term. Timber sash windows, in particular, are often seen as the best choice for traditional homes. This is especially true with period houses and homes in conservation areas where the use of uPVC windows can actually devalue your property. 

As well as offering better heat insulation, the natural properties of wood also make it a better noise insulator. This means whether you live in a busy city or want to minimise the sound of the rain, wooden windows remain a stronger choice.

Want something more custom? We can offer hand-made bespoke windows!
If you’re interested in pricing, we offer a quick quote service which only takes a few minutes to fill out or you can contact us via phone or email.

We hope this has shown you why we love stocking JELD-WEN windows. You can find the full JELD-WEN range here as well as more information on  our guarantees.

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