Roof Lanterns

Roof Lanterns, like skylights, are perfect for allowing natural light to flood into an otherwise dark room. Whether a kitchen or extension, adding a skylight to your existing roof can instantly transform the space. 

Quality Crafted Roof Lanterns For Your Home

Keeping a skylight clean is a common concern – and rightly so. That’s why our roof lanterns contain a self-cleaning glass – making the windows extremely easy to maintain. The special glass coating allows daylight and rain to breakdown and wash away any collected dirt. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning them, even during the most horrible of winters. 

We all want to save money, and our skylights can help you do that. You can quickly improve your energy efficiency with our thermally-broken aluminium frames. Our window frames minimise the transfer of temperature between the glass, saving you money from the day that they are installed.

Unlike traditional aluminium roof lanterns, ours are made-to-measure. Our bespoke sizing offers you great installation and snug-fitting, resulting in perfect insulation without costing a small fortune. With the aluminium frames, our roof lanterns are extremely energy-efficient, and don’t need any ongoing maintenance. You can put those tools back in the shed. 

We know how important it is to match your hardware with the rest of your home. We’re able to offer you a vast range of colour options without compromising on the finish. All our frames have low-profile beams for optimum light exposure and 24mm double glazing for thermal efficiency.

At Windows & More, we offer a range of cost effective, self assembly roof lantern designs in UPVC and, the more durable, aluminium. Both systems are offered in Anthracite Grey and White, with an option for grey outer/white inner. As well as value for money, our roof lanterns boast comparable design features, but utilise different materials of construction. The roof itself is designed around maximum uninterrupted sight lines – bar numbers are reduced (or can be added if you prefer), and the ridge board and hub ends are as unobtrusive as possible. Our roof lanterns allow for larger areas of glass than any other lantern, meaning more light and better thermal performance within the roof itself.

If you’re interested in roof lights, get in touch with our helpful team today. They’re happy to answer any questions or provide further details.

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Roof Lanterns Options

Our range of modular roof lanterns, offers modern style at economic prices when sat against made to measure options ( which we still offer ). Designing your roof aperture around standard modular sizes allows you to achieve the look you want at a very realistic price. These modular lanterns are supplied with :

  • Aluminium Frame and Ridge
  • Aluminium Rafter and Hip Bar Caps to outside : UPVC to inside
  • UPVC Injection moulded top and end caps
  • Self Cleaning Low U Value Glazing : 1.0w/m2K

An ideal, easy to assemble solution, at very economical prices!

1000 x 1500mm

Prices from:

£1,050 – £1,144

1000 x 2000mm

Prices from:

£1,188 – £1,295

1000 x 3000mm

Prices from:

£1,359 – £1,484

1500 x 3000mm

Prices from:

£1,473 – £1,610

2000 x 3000mm

Prices from:

£1,702 – £1,862

2000 x 4000mm

Prices from:

£2,078 – £2,277

Why Choose Roof Lanterns?

Self Assembly

Easy self assembly for speed of installation and cost effectiveness.

Low Profile

Low profile eaves beam (no gutter) designed to be fitted with oversailing 24mm double glazed units (high performance low e, self-cleaning glass as standard)

Thermal Performance

The thermal performance has been optimised to make it suitable for extensions in domestic properties.

U Values

Typical U value with 1.0 glass for a 1000mm wide x 2000mm long rooflight is 1.4 W/m2K. The larger the roof lantern, the more thermally efficient the overall product becomes.

Quick Turnaround

Quick turnaround times. ( ex stock on standard sizes ( 5 days for delivery ) – max 2-3 weeks to deliver on made to measure sizes.)

How We Can Help You

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