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At Windows and More, we stock a wide range of timber windows in a variety of opening styles. Our bespoke wooden windows feature multiple glazing options, wood choices, and are offered in made to measure sizes, as well as standard sizes.

Bespoke Timber Windows For Your Home

Timber windows have many practical benefits; they’re versatile and low maintenance so it’s not difficult to imagine why they’re a favourite in both period properties and new builds. However, the main reason they have remained popular over the years is the aesthetics. Whether you choose a solid oak hardwood or an engineered softwood, our wooden windows look great next to all styles of brickwork and rendering.

Our beautiful windows also come in a range of finishes and colour options to suit your home. Whilst painted wooden windows help create a modern design-finish, our varnished wood, that celebrates the natural beauty of the grain, looks classic and traditional inline with period properties. 

Our windows have high thermal and optical performance, and boast excellent U-values. All of our wooden windows come double glazed or triple glazed. These windows are extremely durable and renowned for their security making it one less thing for you to worry about.

New timber windows can add value to your home, and they represent a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Naturally hard-wearing and durable, when you’re ready to transform your home, with new or replacement windows, let us know using the form below. 

The Timber Windows Range

Why Choose Timber Windows?


If you opt for an engineered wood, the multi layered timber will withhold its shape against adverse weather conditions preventing warping.

Thermal Efficiency

Timber is a great insulator, and teamed with the advancements of double and triple glazing, you will see the benefits in your heating bills.


Quality wood suits all properties, old and new, and the beauty of the grain is enviable.

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