Cords & Weights Sash Windows

Cords & weights sash windows were all the rage in the 17th century. If you have an older property, our traditional sash windows will be the replacement windows you need. Cords and weights sash windows operate with a cast iron, steel or leaden weight pulled by a cord with the mechanism disguised by a boxed wooden frame. 

Classic Design With a Contemporary Twist

We can offer a range of cords and weights sash windows to suit your home and we’ll help you match them to the period of your property, advising on the style you need. Our windows are available in a range of softwood and hardwood designs, along with various glazing options, to make them as authentic or modern as you’d prefer.

Our cords & weights sash windows come in a range of panelled designs. The number of panels that you choose should be indicative of the type of property that you have.Georgian sash windows should have ‘six over six’, which is a six grid of panels at the top and bottom. Larger windows may have ‘eight over eight’.During Queen Anne’s regency, it became popular to have several panes above one or two panes on the bottom. 

Victorian windows had many styles but ‘two over two’ was the most common. Edwardian windows commonly featured ‘six over two’ panelled window designs. In the Gothic period, arched sash windows were more popular compared to rectangular windows. Venetian windows had two fixed side panes with a central sliding sash. 

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With our expert advice, we can help you find the best style for your property all whilst you benefit from modern high performance and security advancements. Enquire about your bespoke windows today!

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Why Choose Cords & Weights Sash Windows?

Classic Period Style

If you have a period property, keep that rich history intact with bespoke cords and weights sash windows.

Quality Guarantees

 Our products are all protected by long-lasting guarantees so you can be sure your investment is protected over time.

Modern Thermal Performance

Just because the style is from the 17th Century,doesn’t mean your thermal performance has to be.

Product Information

Available in the following styles:

  • Solid European Oak
  • Dark red hardwoods e.g. as Sapele or Meranti
  • Treated engineered knot-free softwoods

Secured By Design Options available

Horn Options : 8 Options to choose from


  • U value Range : 1.1 Triple Glazed / 1.4 Double Glazed
  • Frame thickness : 140mm to 148mm
  • Glazing : Double and Triple Glazed Options available
  • Air Permeability : Class 2
  • Acoustic Performance : 29dB
  • Sill sizes : 140 > 240mm

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