Spiral Balance Sash Windows

Spiral balance sash windows use a modern spiral balance mechanism for opening. This eliminates the need for a weight and box frame making them a more versatile and cost-effective window option.

Modern Functionality On Classic Windows

While still retaining the traditional charm of sash windows, the spring balance mechanism makes sash windows an option for new build properties. Traditional sash windows were built behind the brick due to the weight mechanism whereas modern sash windows are installed into normal brick openings, making them easier to install and allowing better viewing.

Our spiral balance sash windows use modern technology. This technology boasts high thermal and optical performance, and increased security, whilst providing you with a great range of timber options, including engineered softwoods. Our spring balance sash windows retain the stunning characteristics of traditional cords and weights sash windows but offer much more flexibility. 

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Why Choose Spiral Balance Sash Windows?

Easy Installation

A spiral balance sash window is easier to install than a box sash window and cheaper too.

Classic Style

Classic style for your home. Really timeless design with an everlasting appeal make these a winner.

Modern Thermal Performance

Low U-values and modern performance give these classic windows an edge.

Product Information

Available in the following styles:

  • Non-Bar
  • Victorian Bar *
  • All Bar *
  • Marginal Bar *
  • Vertical Bar *
  • Marginal Bar †
  • Vertical Bar †
  • Semi-Circular Feature Windows

* Simulated Divided Lights
† Traditional True Divided Lights

They fit with most buildings. Spiral balance windows are easier to install as the mechanism doesn’t require a box design.They are cheaper than box sash windows. While more convenient in size, the design looks just as authentic. Modern standards of thermal efficiency and double glazing available. Increased exterior views due to a thinner window design. Easy to use window system. Can be used on smaller reveals.


  • U-value ranging from 1.4W/m2K
  • Acoustic performance rating according to BS EN717-1:1997rw(C;Ctr)=36(-1;-3) dB based on optimum performance
  • Exposure rating of 2000Pa
  • Air Permeability class 2
  • Achieves BS6375 Part 1 2004 windows and doors performance
  • Achieves BS6375 Part 2 1987 operation and strength performance
  • Available tested to Secured by Design scheme standards -BS7950 certification held

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