Premium timber and exceptional materials have been used throughout our product range for guaranteed quality and high performance. Our timber windows are crafted using softwood, hardwood and oak timber. With engineered cores and special measures taken to bolster performance, all our windows are made to the highest standard. Our materials comply with all UK legislation with regards to U-values, thermal performance, security and more. We use FSC certified timber throughout all ranges.

Our aluminium windows are powder coated and have a thermal break inbuilt for excellent thermal efficiency and performance. This also goes for accompanying aluminium doors and roof lanterns. As a conductor, aluminium doesn’t perform as well as wood when it comes to thermal efficiency. However, all our ranges have an effective thermal break alongside the aluminium exterior, which helps massively. Our triple glazed options go some way to reducing the gap, with triple glazed aluminium windows being more thermally efficient than double glazed timber windows. Aluminium has a maintenance and durability edge over timber windows too.

Whichever material option you go for, whether it’s our timber or aluminium windows, or even aluminium clad timber windows, you can be sure you’re getting high-quality resources for your project, with a keen focus on thermal efficiency and style.

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