Conservation Windows

Replacement windows are a necessary development and are in the best interest of the building. But, the windows need to meet the governing legislation’s criteria. Installing uPVC windows in a conservation area can jar with the heritage of the surrounding buildings and will be difficult to pass regulations. Our timber conservation windows fully comply with regulations and are carefully manufactured to blend in with the building’s natural charm.

Stunning Conservation Windows Make Replacement Easy

Our conservation windows are available in flush sash, casement or bay window designs to suit all property needs. They are available with bar designs to further retain the character of the property. While our conservation windows help maintain a traditional look, they feature modern advancements to make them functional. Our windows are double glazed, have great U-values and multi-point locking for increased security. Our conservation windows are made from high-quality timber, making them durable, low maintenance and long-lasting.

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We have standard sizes to suit a range of window types but we can also make them bespoke to suit your property. If you’re looking for replacement windows for conservation areas, get in touch.

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Why Choose a Conservation Window?

Conservation Area

If your project is in a conservation area, our range of high-quality conservation windows meet these strict standards and regulations

High Performance

No compromise on performance. Enjoy modern thermal efficiency in your period home.


Long guarantees mean you can rely on our windows for many, many years to come. 

Product Information

  • Standard and bespoke sizes available
  • Up to 40 year rot and fungal guarantee
  • BRFC energy rated A-B
  • Factory glazed windows are CE Marked
  • U-values available 1.3-1.4 W/m²k, BFRC energy rated A-B

Whenever you want to make changes to a property in a conservation area you need to contact your local authority and check beforehand. Some conservation areas are flexible with home improvements but others may have strict planning permission requirements. Largely it will depend on what you are trying to achieve. Conservation areas are set up to protect areas of interest and are designed to retain the character and charm of the buildings in that area.

While modern extensions and features may be limited, replacement windows should be considered necessary to maintain the upkeep of the building. We can support you with your planning permission and design the windows to keep them as authentic as possible. Further information can be found here.


  • U-value ranging from 1.3 – 1.4W/m²K
  • Double Glazed 24mm low E insulating
  • PAS 24 Security tested
  • Engineered Softwood

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