Sash Windows

We have a stunning range of wooden sash windows available in a variety of styles, patterns and timber types. All of our windows are made-to-measure and are designed to suit your aesthetic and building type. While traditionally sash windows were seen to be more suited to period properties, new styles make them a viable option for new builds.

Safe & Secure Designs with Classic Style

Historically, timber sash windows were made using a cord and weights mechanism and box design. A weight held by a cord, hidden in the box frame, helps to balance the windows and allows the frame to slide up and down. Cord and weights sash windows are best suited to older properties; they retain the building’s authenticity and keep with the nature of the home. If you’re looking for replacement windows for your period property, these would be the ones to check out.

For new builds, we’d recommend the spiral balance sash window. The mechanical design means you don’t require the box frame as necessary with cord and weights windows. As a result, a spiral balance window can be built into standard brick openings making them much easier to construct.

Both types of window encapsulate the authentic window design but work slightly differently to fit in with the age of the property and the design that you have in mind. 

The Sash Window Range

Why Choose a Sash Window?

Classic, Elegant Design

Sash windows have a timeless, natural charm that’s steeped in history.

Modern Performance

Choose period style with contemporary thermal efficiency.

Safe & Secure

As only one window can open at a time, they make a secure window option.

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