What Are Thermally Broken Aluminium Windows?

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When it comes to windows, there are a surprising amount of technical terms to get your head around. From the complexities of different U-Values to the many parts of a window, there are a lot of words that can complicate simple decisions you need to make when buying new windows.

If you’re looking to invest in an aluminium window, ‘thermal break’ or ‘thermally broken windows’ are two terms that could crop up and cause you confusion. However, this important concept is actually easy to understand.

We’ve put together this quick introduction to what a thermal break is, and why it is important so that you can make an informed decision about any potential window purchase.

What is a thermal break in aluminium windows?

A thermal break is a method of insulating aluminium window frames. It is done by sandwiching a layer of material within the structure of the frame. It is the same principle as double glazed window panes.

Aluminium is a very popular material for window frames because it creates such a sleek, desirable look for modern buildings. High quality, powder-coated windows will also enjoy a long life and require minimal upkeep. It’s strong, lightweight and durable – an absolutely fantastic choice.

Unfortunately, aluminium is also a strong conductor of heat. Hot and cold temperatures can pass through it easily. With uninsulated aluminium, this means the effects of your precious central heating are lost quicker, as the material lets the artificially heated hot air seep out. It can also let the chill of the outdoors in, even when the frames are well-fitted and allow no drafts. This transfer of heat is called ‘thermal bridging’. Double glazing exists to prevent a similar process from happening through the panes of your windows.

The extra material featured in thermally broken aluminium windows is always a poor conductor of heat and it stops this unwanted transfer of heat through the metal. Most often a polyamide plastic or polyurethane is used. This technology is also used to create thermally broken doors to reap the same benefits.

Why are thermal breaks important?

Thermally broken windows are important for all the same reasons that double and triple glazing are. No one wants to waste money having their central heating cranked up high to compensate for leaky windows. Equally, it is important not to waste precious natural resources to create that heat in the first place. It benefits both your wallet and the planet to keep your home as energy efficient as possible.

Boost warmth and insulation

Before thermal break technology was invented, aluminium windows were ineffective at keeping homes warm. Unbroken windows are so inefficient they can render triple and double glazing pointless since as much heat is lost through the frames as is lost through the glass. Modern, thermally broken aluminium windows are far superior, providing insulation comparable to timber or uPVC windows. Windows & More only supply thermally-broken aluminium windows to keep your home warm and your bills low.

Sound proofing

Thermal break insulation doesn’t just stop heat transfer through your windows either. It can also dampen the passage of noise, soundproofing the frames. This makes them great for use in high traffic areas, loud buildings, and other places where you want loud noise kept out as well as icy air.

Reduce condensation

Another benefit of thermally broken windows is that they reduce the likelihood of condensation. Condensation happens when warm, moist air meets a cold surface. A cold surface such as an unbroken aluminium frame on an external wall. The moisture that forms can eventually damage the frames, as well as increase damp in a room and rot window sills. With a thermal break, aluminium windows are much warmer, so less condensation is created.

Are thermally broken windows worth it?

Aluminium windows are rarely the cheapest option in the short term. Of course, that initial spend balances out across their long life span, as well as offering an eye-catching design and luxurious appeal. By ensuring your windows are thermally broken as well, you will also benefit from a practical window which offers good insulation.

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