How to Clean Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows

Larger windows mean more light entering our homes – this is a big reason many of us are opting to replace timber or uPVC window frames with aluminium frames.  Aluminium is stronger, so frames made from it can be thinner, which allows for more glass, and more light.

That said, to keep them looking their best aluminium windows should be periodically cleaned.  The exact approach you should use depends on the sort of aluminium your frames are made from.

Cleaning powder-coated aluminium windows

One of the great things about cleaning aluminium window frames, relative to their wooden counterparts, is that they won’t ever need repainting.  Instead, a layer of powder-based paint is applied before they leave the factory.  This layer of paint is built to last the lifetime of the window, and can be cleaned with a minimum of effort.

Fortunately, all that’s required to clean an aluminium window frame of this sort is a soft cloth and a little bit of soapy water.  The soap will bind with any particles of oil and grime, and you’ll be able to wipe them right off.  Don’t be tempted to use caustic cleaners or scouring pads for this task – you’ll risk damaging the frame.

Cleaning old aluminium windows

Older aluminium windows might not have this topmost glossy layer of paint. In this case, you’ll want to use a colour-restoring product.  Be aware that these products work by wearing away the paint, which means you’ll want to be extra cautious near edges where the paint is thinner.

In the case of windows without any paint at all, you can afford to be a little more aggressive.  Again, warm soapy water is best for regular cleaning – but in order to remove water stains and the like, you might use something a bit stronger.  Buff the surface with fine steel wool and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.  Be sure to dry thoroughly.

To protect the aluminium against the elements, you’ll want to apply a layer of wax to the window once a year.  You can do this either with a wax designed for your car (which you might have tucked away in the garage somewhere) or with a wax formula that’s been created especially with windows in mind.

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