How to Choose a Window Installer

Man installing a window

You’ve thought long and hard about new windows for your home; you considered style, materials, energy efficiency and price. Now you have them bought and ready it can be tempting to get them fitted as soon as possible. Unfortunately choosing a window installer requires just as much consideration as choosing the windows themselves. That’s because it’s critical they are fitted properly otherwise they could cause you several issues down the line. We’re here to help though, with our expert tips on finding the best window fitter.

How do you install new windows?

While it can be tempting to want to save a few pounds, when it comes to installing windows we recommend you seek help from a professional. When windows aren’t installed properly they can cause multiple problems, such as air and water leaks, and chances are you’ll probably have to get them adjusted eventually anyway. Play it safe and get your new windows installed by a professional fitter.

What’s more, if you damage your windows by installing them yourself you will be liable for the breakages. We recommend you always seek the services of a professional window installer.

When having your windows installed you should also consider time scales. If you’ve found someone to fit your new windows you should also check if they will be removing your old windows. If not, do they need you to remove the glass alone or the entire frame? Discuss this with your installer before agreeing a time for them to come and fit your panes. You should also try and ensure you remove and replace your windows in one day. You don’t want to start the job at 4pm on a Friday and have to wait until Monday for completion – this leaves your home cold and vulnerable.

How to choose a window fitter

  • Check they are certified by an approved body. Your installer should have a FENSA or CERTASS This ensures they have the right qualifications and you can be assured that they know what they’re doing. The last thing you want is to spend money on new windows only for them to be ruined by poor installation.
  • Don’t automatically choose the cheapest rate. While it can be tempting to save money, the cheapest rate may be a risky option. You should bear price in mind; the most expensive doesn’t necessarily guarantee the best service, but you should base your decision on other more important criterion. For example checking their certification should be the first thing you consider.
  • Larger companies will charge more, often unnecessarily. There is nothing wrong with choosing an established windows installer but be aware they will charge more for installation. A local installer, with the same accreditation and skillset, will likely be a lot cheaper and may also be more willing to be flexible to your schedule as they have more lenient work demands.
  • Check to see if they’ll be removing your old windows as well as installing your new frames. The last thing you want is to miss your time slot because the old windows are still in place when they come to fit your new ones. Clarify this before to make sure.
  • Check recommendations, reviews and previous work. This is as important a task as checking the installer is certified. If your fitter has the right qualifications but has a string of recent, bad reviews saying their installation work wasn’t level and caused air leaks, then they are probably not the right person or company for the job. Reviews are a good way to check their services are up to scratch. When looking for an installer you could always start by asking friends and family for their recommendations as it might save you a lot of legwork. Still do your research on the recommendations, but this may help you find someone quicker.
  • Get multiple quotes for services. You might find several people equally qualified with great reviews, then you can start using price comparisons to find the best installer.
  • Don’t be pressured into signing anything immediately. Do your research first, never go with your first quote just because the salesperson was convincing. Always do your research.
  • Check the company or fitter has insurance. If anything was to go wrong with the installation and your windows got damaged you want to ensure you can hold your fitter liable. Check they have the appropriate insurance because otherwise you’re going to face a hefty bill.

How much does it cost to install a window?

Different companies will charge different rates and it is possible to have a huge difference between your cheapest quote and your most expensive. With this in mind, it’s difficult to give you a quantifiable range. Local contractors or smaller installation companies will be a lot cheaper than established national brands but bear in mind there are other important checks you will need to consider before even thinking about price. Once you’ve checked the window fitter is legitimate and has good reviews then you can consider affordability.

Do expect to pay a deposit upfront. This is not unusual, you want to guarantee someone will turn up to fit your windows when they say and they want to guarantee they’re not going to waste their time and resources to be let down at the last minute. A deposit is expected and gives both parties security. Don’t pay a deposit to your first quote however, make sure you shop around and find the best services before signing any agreements and handing over any deposits.

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