How Long Does It Take to Replace One Window?

man preparing a window for window replacement

The prospect of updating or replacing a window can be a daunting one. Removing a window leaves your room open to the elements, and the idea of having a big gaping hole in your home can be concerning.

Unfortunately, it is an inevitable part of home ownership as no window can last forever. Having an old, damaged or draughty window can cause a security and financial risk to your home – they’re more inviting to potential intruders and can hike up your energy bills.

Luckily, window replacement is actually a pretty painless procedure. 

As it is much better to get it done as soon as necessary, we thought we’d clear a few things up about the process of replacing windows and how long it will take, so that you can feel comfortable and confident to make the arrangements.

Ordering a Replacement Window

The first step to replacing windows is choosing and ordering your new one. A straightforward like-for-like window replacement will be a lot quicker than changing to a different window style, so make sure you’re committed to your design choice. If you’re looking to increase (or shrink) the size of your window, that is moving away from simple replacement and could take a lot longer.

It is important to have precise and accurate measurements before you order as well. Take the time to double, triple, even quadruple check your measurements as any mistakes could have a knock-on effect for how long the replacement process takes.

Production and Delivery Times

Probably the most changeable time factor in the whole window replacement process is the production or sourcing time for the replacement. Some companies ship their products from around the world, and this leads to long delivery times.

At Windows & More, we produce all our windows in the UK. This means that we average 4 weeks on our standard windows or 8 weeks for any that are purpose made. This is one of the quickest lead times in the UK.

If you need a window more urgently then, contact us directly and we will see what we can do.

Installing Your New Window

Once your replacement window has arrived, installing it is a quick enough job.

One window should take anything from an hour to half a day to install. The length of time is mainly dictated by the type of window you have chosen, and how many people are working to install it.

A small window can be replaced by one professional installer on their own, usually within a couple of hours, but a large one may need up to four fitters to help.

Tips to Help Speed up Window Replacement

There are things you can do to help speed the process up. Make sure access to the window, inside and out, is unobstructed. If the window is being installed on the second floor, clear as much space as possible outside to allow for ladders or scaffolding.

As well as moving furniture from in front of the window and decorations off the window sill, make sure to take down your curtains, blinds and any other window dressings. If you have an easy-to-remove curtain pole, getting that out of the way is also a good idea.

These are the little things that make an installer’s job easier and, in turn, quicker.

A standard casement window will be installed before you know it, within a couple of hours. Whether you have uPVC windows or wooden windows shouldn’t affect the time – type of window, size and construction are more important than material. A box or sliding sash window may take a little longer to install, just to calibrate the mechanism. 

Whatever style of window you have, if you’re replacing it with the same size and style, you can rest assured the whole process should be done in less than half a day.

If you’re looking for high quality window replacements, we have a range of beautiful windows to choose from. Choose from our high performance JELD-WEN brand range, timber windows and aluminium windows. If you have any queries, our helpful team is on hand, just get in touch.