How Do Reversible Windows Work?

White fully reversible windows

When you’re thinking about investing in new windows, many common designs might come to mind. An endlessly elegant sash window or cute compact casement window. Both have their benefits and both will bring their own style and their own functional conveniences to your home.

Many factors might influence which design you choose, but you probably won’t even consider how you will clean them before your new windows are installed. If you’re looking to replace an inaccessible window, one above a conservatory, extension or multiple stories high, then how you’ll get them clean is definitely something worth thinking about. 

If you’re looking for an easy clean window, there is one window design you really have to consider: a fully reversible window.

What is a reversible window?

A reversible window is a new type of window whose construction allows it to be turned completely around. Instead of sliding it or tilting it open, you turn a reversible window a full 180 degrees. This leaves the outside-facing panel inside your home. With a reversible window, you have unobstructed access to both sides of it.

When closed, this type of window stays completely flush to their frame and the building, so it is utterly unobtrusive. What’s more, as they open outwards, they are popular for use near sinks, or other places where items kept near the windowsill might restrict opening.

How do reversible windows work? 

Reversible windows work by pivoting a full 180 degrees on hinges built-in to their window frame. The mechanism makes for a smooth, sleek movement that is also a lot safer than stretching out of an open window at height, which can be needed to reach the handle to close the window. This pivot mechanism will also allow the window to be stopped at a whole range of angles, so you can take complete control of how far open your window is.

The mechanism also has safety catches that need to be released before you can achieve a full 180 rotation, to keep your windows secure and safe.

Benefits of reversible windows

The biggest benefit of reversible windows is that they are ever-so-easy to clean! They are perfect for high rise residential buildings, or any building where it might be difficult to clean the outside-facing pane of a window. Once the window has been fully rotated, you can comfortably spritz, soap and rinse your window without having to clamber to any unnatural heights or contort into any unnatural angles. This benefit alone has been enough to drive the growing popularity of reversible windows. In fact, they’ve even earned the nickname ‘easy clean windows’.

This isn’t their only benefit either. In-built clips and catches keep them safe and secure choices. Plus the complex engineering needed to make these windows work ensures they are always high quality. Their seals and glazing provide excellent insulation and energy efficiency.

On the days when hot air is stifling your home, you can open a reversible window to sit with almost the entire window opening clear to allow for maximum airflow and ventilation.

Finally, as the entire range of motion for the window happens in the direct line of the window opening, another benefit of a reversible window is that it won’t snag or catch on any curtains or elaborate window treatments either.

Here at Windows & More, we offer a variety of easy clean, fully reversible windows as part of our stylish timber frame windows range. Browse our range and get in touch if you have any questions.