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Standard Window Sizes: Explained

Confused about window sizes and standard window dimensions? Read on and we’ll explain everything you need to know about sizes when shopping for windows.

Do Standard Window Sizes Exist?

First of all, let’s address the fact that ‘standard window sizes’ are actually a myth. There is no industry-wide standard sizing, especially when so many windows are custom-made for houses. Standardisation of window sizes differ between manufacturers, who will make windows in sizes that they deem to be standard. 

As windows and houses are now mass-produced, this has led to an industry-wide standard of sorts, but again, it’s at the discretion of the manufacturers to decide what they think is standard. Those “standards” will also change over time.

Standard House Window Sizes

Before we get into the broad-stroke standard dimensions for house windows, let’s explain how these sizes are specified. There’s a really straightforward system for identifying window sizes. 

Window size is noted in a 4-digit figure. The first two digits refer to width and the other two are for height. For example:

4030 = 4 feet wide and 3 feet high

So, if you want a window that’s 38 inches wide and 68 inches high, its size would be noted as 3258. You may need a inches to feet converter (and vice versa)!

This is a handy way of immediately identifying and noting sizes, making it easier for you to shop. 

If you are currently undertaking a project, or want to know the ballpark ranges of common window sizes, then here are some new construction window sizes and average window dimensions:

What’s a Standard Bathroom Window Size?

For this one, we’re going to look at two different standard window sizes. First, standard sliding window size:

Width: 36 to 84 inches

Height: 24 to 60 inches

Standard picture window size:

Width: 24 to 96 inches

Height: 12 to 96 inches

What’s a Standard Kitchen Window Size?

You’re also likely to find picture windows in kitchens – the standard sizes for that is above. Another type of window commonly found in kitchens are double-hung windows:

Width: 24 to 48 inches

Height: 36 to 72 inches

For kitchens, it’s also handy to note standard casement window sizes:

Width: 14 to 35.5 inches

Height: 17 to 73 inches

What’s a Standard Bay Window Size?

Width: 42 to 126 inches

Height: 36 to 78 inches

What’s a Standard Awning Window Size?

Width: 24 to 68 inches

Height: 20 to 42 inches

What’s a Standard Sash Window Size?

Width: 14 to 68 inches

Height: 24 to 128 inches

Things to Consider 

Window sizes are often in whole figures, but generally speaking they’ll be half an inch shorter than the specified number, as this makes installation easier. So don’t worry if your aperture is 37.8 inches high and the replacement window you want is 38 inches high. Double check with the vendor, but it should be still be fine for installation.

If your aperture will not fit a standard sized window, all is not lost. One option is to spend money on custom windows, but if you’re on a budget, this may not be viable. 

The most cost-effective thing to do is adjust the aperture so it will meet standard window sizes. This can’t always be done but if it can, it will certainly be less harsh on your pockets. Custom windows may be necessary in older homes, as they were built before windows were being mass-produced. 

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What Are French Casement Windows?

You may already be very familiar with casement windows, but what about French style casement windows? 

French casement windows are made up of two windows that push out beyond the envelope of your home. Typically, they don’t have a vertical post in the middle and will open out from the centre. Unlike a traditional casement window, this allows for an unobstructed view when the windows are open.

Not all windows of this type are the same, but the most common is the push out French style casement window. Inswing French casement windows are also available.

When Should You Use French-Style Casement Windows?

French style casement windows are excellent when installing a window in a large, open space such as your kitchen or bedroom. They’re not so suited to hallways, stairwells, or toilets.

As they open fully, they can let in plenty of light and air. If you have a room that enjoys a fantastic view, when opened a French window will allow you to enjoy it without obstruction.

What Are the Features & Benefits of French Casement Windows?

So, why should you opt for a French casement window? The choice is completely yours but let’s lay out some of the benefits so you can decide whether French casement windows are the right choice for you. 

  • Ventilation – French windows open out to 90 degrees plus and allow for rapid air flow into the room. You also have the choice of opening just one side if you need some ventilation, but don’t want to open the windows the whole way. 
  • Security – French window security is typically of a very high standard. They come with locks that are highly secure so you don’t have to sacrifice on safety. They also open so wide that they can also double up as a fire escape if needed. 
  • ViewsAs mentioned previously, French windows give offer unobstructed views of the great outdoors. 
  • Low MaintenanceFrench windows, especially uPVC ones, are extremely low-maintenance. A quick wipe every now and then will keep them clean, and they don’t need to be treated regularly like wood.
  • EfficiencyFrench windows offer better energy efficiency than double hung windows, whilst simultaneously providing more ventilation. 
  • VarietyWith French style casement windows, there’s plenty of opportunities for customisation and personalisation. This makes them particularly appealing to our design-minded customers. 

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